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How To Care For Your Skin Naturally

how to care for your skin naturally

Body Care Tips

How To Care For Your Skin Naturally

how to care for your skin naturally

Every right-thinking person will do anything to maintain his or her skin and hair. Most times the care comes at a high cost. Today we have myriad of products hitting the market daily. Each of the product promises to turn the tide of a beautiful and lovely hair overnight. But more often than not most of these products fell short of their promises. To compound the issue, some of the advertised product leaves you with more damage to your skin and hair than before. Unknown to most people, keeping your skin glowing and your hair lovely should not cost you a fortune.  Following a few healthy rules can do the magic.

Before looking at the natural way of caring for your hair and skin, we should look at a few precautions that affect our desire to have skin and hair that will be the envy of our friends. This is necessary as any effort or money expended on hair and body care will be an excise in futility.

As a rule of thumb for the women especially, never go to bed with your make-up on.  To have rejuvenated skin you should allow your skin to breathe a sigh of relief through the pores in the skin which happens faster and better during the night.

Routine maintenance of your skin and body will not only retard aging but keeps you socially relevant. As always, prevention is better than cure. In other words following simple healthy rules will save you a lot of funds you would have spent visiting the dermatologist.

Sometimes the skin and hair cream and lotion come with a high price that cares for one area but leaves a trail of blemishes and other complications.

In all of these, we have some traditional and organic means of caring for your skin and hair naturally. Some of the recipes for keeping healthy skin and hair will not cost much financially. All you need is the materials, willingness and the discipline to follow the rule.


Naturally men rarely give priority to skin care as women. Nevertheless most of the tips I will mention will also help the men in keeping a clean and radiating skin.

  1. Eat the right food. The first key to having radiant and lovely hair and skin is to eat the right kind of food. It is said, you are your food and your food is you. A failure to be eating the right proportion of nutrients in your food amounts to denying yourself the right king of skin and hair you so much desire.

Therefore eat protein, Vitamins A and C enriched food. This includes eating a lot of green vegetables and fruits. Like a plague, run away from fried and junk foods. You will do yourself a great favor if you take less sugar and food rich in cholesterol.

  1. Avoid stress. It is no news stress kills, speed up aging, and cause loss of hair. Stress causes your body to produce more hormones that make and aid your skin in production of more oil. Then, the more oily your skin produces, the greater your chances of having acne.
  2. Go for water therapy. About 70% of our body is made of water. The skin, like any other organ of the body, needs water to function well. Each of the skin cells requires enough water to perform optimally. Hydrating the body helps in detoxification of the body which in turn helps fight skin diseases like eczema and others.

Another healthy advantage of water from a cold shower is the reduction of stress. When stress is effectively managed, it slows down aging and promotes healthy skin.

On the hair, water removes dirt from the scalp and makes the hair healthy. The absence of chemicals in water makes it natural to manage your hair as against the chemical contained in your relaxers. Since each of the strands of your hair contains sufficient quantities of water, drinking water, therefore, helps the hair strands to be healthy.

The way our body needs fluid to function well is the same way the hair staved of water will break off and will not grow as expected. Hence drinking enough of water make the hair root absorb enough nutrient that will make it grow and glow.

  1. Honey and olive oil. Original honey has a multi function purpose. Honey contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that heal and repair damaged skin. It helps remove stretch marks on the skin. It also contains antiseptic that prevent skin infection. This also heals the wounds like white head and blackhead scars restoring your skin to wholesomeness. One other way to hydrate your skin is to take a warm honey-soaked bath. Honey also softens and moisturizes your hair. Since good sleep aid healthy hair and skin, a spoonful or two before going to bed at night will give you a sound sleep which in turn facilitates healthy skin and hair.

Taking the heat from you are the pure blend natural products that will attend to your skin needs with organic materials.

Pure Blend Naturals is world’s best skincare brand with highly effective skincare products for all skin types.

Recommended Natural Skincare Products For Glowing Skin

Below are the two top recommended glowing skin products from this natural skincare brand

  1. Multi Vitamin Skin Brightening Body Cream
  2. Radiant Glow Deep Moisture Lotion

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