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How To Prevent Halitosis, Bad Breath From Mouth & Stomach

how to prevent bad breath mouth stomach

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How To Prevent Halitosis, Bad Breath From Mouth & Stomach

how to prevent bad breath mouth stomach

Bad breath also called Halitosis is caused by Oral Bacteria.

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If you think you have bad breath coming from your stomach, consult with your doctor, Bad Breath From Stomach is caused by a bacterium called H.Pylori that requires antibiotics, your doctor will have to test you for it first before giving you the prescription.

Now let’s talk about bad breath from the mouth.

To prevent this condition, you have to deal with things that causes dry mouth.

The number one cause of dry mouth is skipping meals, make sure you eat 3 times daily to prevent dry mouth.

Rinse Mouth After Each Meal

Rinsing  your mouth with water after each meal will  help prevent dryness and keep food particles that harbor odor causing bacteria away from your mouth.


Eat Orange – The citric acid in orange will stimulate your salivary glands to produce more fresh saliva.


Parsley is a good deodorizer because it is rich in Chlorophyll, a germ fighting deodorizer

Avoid Good Breath killers like Onions, Cheese and Garlic.

Scrape Your Tongue

Scrape Your Tongue with spoon so as to dislodge bacteria and rinse them away.

Place plastic or metal spoon on back of tongue and drag it forward.

Remember to scrape the sides also and rinse with water.

Repeat this process 3 times daily.

Recommended Tongue Scrappers. –


Change your eating habits, avoid excess sugar intake

Run away from Coffee and breath freshening mints.

Most of them contains sugar that provide a comfortable environment for odor-causing bacteria to thrive.


A dry mouth is a perfect place for odor causing bacteria to thrive. Ensure you eat 3 times daily and don’t ever skip meals.


Suck Cinnamon Stick. It is an effective antiseptic to fight odor causing bacteria.

Recommended Cinnamon Sticks

Medications That Cause Bad Breath

If you are on any of these medications, you may have bad breath. Please talk to your health care providers about them.

High Blood Pressure Prescription medicines, Antidepressants, Diet Pills and antihistamines.

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