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How To Treat Dry & Dehydrated Skin: Best Products For Dehydrated Acne Prone Skin

how to fix dry and dehydrated skin

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How To Treat Dry & Dehydrated Skin: Best Products For Dehydrated Acne Prone Skin

how to fix dry and dehydrated skin

The term dehydrated is commonly used when referring to things which are lacking in water or moisture. In this regard a dehydrated skin is simply skin which lacks moisture. This occurs when the surface layer of the skin lacks the necessary and needed moisture. It is as much a skin condition as any others you may know.

The good part is that dehydrated skin need not be permanent. It is a condition which is quite easily treatable, when it is not severe of course. Should such a condition lean towards the severe side, then medical help is most likely required.

Tips For Dehydrated Skin

If you suffer from this condition, the major tip you should get is, drink lots of water. It is said that dryness of mouth and thirst is the first sign of dehydration. So if you are thirsty, your body already lacks the required amount of water. So drink lots of water. The recommended daily amount of water is said to at least eight glasses.

Water consumption could be more, depending on certain factors like your level of activity, weight, how much sweat your body discharges and stuff like that. All these help determine the right amount of water your body requires. In as much you should drink lots of water; you should not over drink it. This could make the body lose essential minerals and go ahead to cause one form of mineral deficiency or the other.

Eat fruits and vegetables which contain high levels of water and do it regularly.

Consumption of drinks and beverages which contain high levels of alcohol and caffeine should be very minimal as such substances tend to dry out the body.

Your regular diet should be rich in legumes and vegetables both leafy and non-leafy. As much as possible, eat more of plant based foods rather than animal based foods and processed foods.

Make exercise part of your daily routine or 2-3 times a week at the very least. Be sure to stay well hydrated during your work out sessions. After exercising, remember to take enough water to replenish water level.

Your body requires enough rest to keep it functioning properly. So give your body enough time to rest and sleep.

Best Dehydrated Skin Products

There are several popular dehydrated skin products, some of these products include:

Pure Blend Vita Protein Daily Lotion: the product does a really good job at moisturizing dehydrated skin and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Pure Blend Shea Aloe Rich Body Butter: it is a strong moisturizer which does the skin much good. It is said to have a long lasting effect and highly aids the retention of skin moisture.

AHA Lotion For Glowing Skin: this cream reportedly works quite well for dehydrated skin and offers the necessary protection for the skin.

AHA Lotion hydrates the skin and leaves it looking fuller and healthier. This in turn makes wrinkles and fine lines less visible. This skin moisturizer comes highly recommended and keeps your skin fresh and well hydrated.

It works quite well for just about everyone, even those with sensitive skin and skin conditions. It has notable hydration properties.

5 Characteristics Of Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is characterized by quite a number of symptoms. Typically the most common signs of the condition are: dullness of the skin. The skin may appear dry and a person affected is most likely going to experience skin itchiness as well.

The eyes of a person with such a condition tends to appear deepened, giving it a sunken look and dark circles could show up under and around the eyes, also around the nose area. Dehydrated skin makes wrinkles more pronounced.

Dehydration when it has reached a stage of severity has its special characteristics. In cases where dehydrated is considered to be severe, a person may experience general body weakness.

A faint feeling or dizziness, dryness of mouth and a noticeable reduction in the frequency of urination as the body is going into self-preservation mode and trying to conserve as much water as possible.

Dehydration should not be allowed to escalate to this level, in cases of severe dehydration, medical attention is often times required.

Face Wash For Dehydrated Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin requires face wash which are tailored to suit its sensitive nature. Here is a face wash which is effective and reportedly good to use even for acne prone skins.

 The face wash is mild on the face and does not clog facial pores. They as well, help get rid of oil while having a gentle effect on sensitive and irritable skin.

Dehydrated Skin Vs Dry Skin What Is The Difference

Dehydrated skin and dry skin though relatively similar, are definitely not the same. This two are sometimes taken to mean the same thing however, they are not.

Dehydrated skin is considered a skin condition in other words a temporary shift in the normal look and function of the skin. It points you to a problem which needs to be taken care of. A skin is said to be dehydrated when lost water is not being replenished in the quantity in which it should be. Water can be lost from excessive sweating, due to weather and environmental conditions, diet etc.

Dry skin on the other hand is considered to be a type of skin. It falls under the classification of skin types. Dry skin isn’t a condition you bring upon yourself. People with dry skin are usually born that way and it needs constant care because it doesn’t have a one-time remedy. Those who are said to have dry skin get this due to the fact that, the glands responsible for the production of natural skin oil, fail to produce these oils in the required quantity.

People with dry skin have a skin which appears quite scaly and often time has whitish flaky substances. Dry skin is also prone to irritations and red blistered look. The major difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin is dehydrated skin lacks the right amount of water and dry skin lack the right amount of natural oils.

Other differences are: Dehydrated skin could be traced to one environmental factor other the other, dry skin is a genetic condition, dehydrated skin is termed as a skin condition therefore it is treatable, on the other hand, dry skin is a skin type which people are born with. It doesn’t come and go but it is permanent.

Dehydrated skin can be treated through proper healthy diet and lifestyle. However, Dry skin cannot be treated through proper diet and lifestyle but a healthy lifestyle and diet is still encouraged.

Extra care will have to be given to your dry skin and external help is required too. The use of dry skin moisturizers often work for many but be sure to get good products and avoid oily moisturizers as they may have adverse effects on your skin instead.

Dehydrated Skin Diet

The treatment for dehydrated skin is to imbibe a healthy lifestyle and of course healthy living includes a healthy diet. Dehydrated skin condition requires a proper and continuously healthy diet for it to be treated adequately.

A diet which is rich in fruits, vegetables and water is highly encouraged for dehydrated skin. The consumption of fruits like carrots, avocado, watermelon and berries is encouraged too. Citrus fruits are reportedly a very good to remedy this condition. This is because citrus fruits aid the production of collagen and contain high amount of vitamin C which helps the general body immunity.

Dehydration is a sign the body does not have enough water, therefore, consuming the adequate amount of water per time is important too. Water is as well an important part of your diet.

The consumption of some animal proteins which contain a high level of omega-3 fatty acids is advised for this condition. Fishes like mackerel, sardines, salmon and herring are notably rich in this nutrient. Eggs could also be added to your diet, to combat this condition, as eggs are rich in protein. They aid skin elasticity, skin hydration and cell regeneration.

Taking plant proteins like soy is good. Soy has a high concentration of vitamins which ensures that your skin is well protected during its exposure to sunlight. It is said to help in preserving the collagen levels of the skin thereby reducing wrinkles.

A diet rich in leafy and non-leafy vegetables can help fix this condition. Leafy green veggies like kale are especially healthy to take in for skin hydration.

Diets rich in nuts and seeds contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins, fats, minerals and antioxidants. All these perform great wonders for the skin.

A diet rich in vitamin A is very good for consumption. Vitamin A reduces dryness of skin and is good for skin regeneration. An example of such a plant is sweet potato. Adding tomatoes to your meal plan could also go a long way to help keep your skin in a healthy state.

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